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When considering website layout, navigation, usability, pageviews, etc., it is important to remember one thing:


Yes, it’s true.

If you are actually reading this article, it’s because you are one of the few Internet users I’ve ever watched doing anything other than the following:

1) Typing URLs right into Google (LOL – I used to wonder about that on the analytics side, because I didn’t even realize that so many people use Google as the address bar), and


Why don’t you watch some regular users browsing the internet some time – and remember, if users can’t click the pictures on your website, then you’d better have some keen & enthusiastic readers visiting it!

With WordPress websites, you really don’t have an excuse not to use plenty of images, or videos if you prefer, because it is just so easy to add media in the CMS. Yes, I do refer to WordPress as a CMS.

In fact, I’m so lazy on both ends, I avoid reading when and where possible, and when blogging, I find it easier to embed youtube videos than images… just paste the embed code and boom (how do you like the Lupe Fiasco video? LOL!).

I’m not saying people can’t read, I’m saying they prefer to click the pictures.

I prefer to click pictures too… if I have to do too much reading, I feel like I’d better be charging hourly because it’s just soooo muchhhh worrrrkkkkk ;-)

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