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This is an example from – nice, but they have a 5-question, 5-answer limit, and doesn’t automatically direct survey participants to the results

Here is survey – you get more bang for your zero dollars, but it doesn’t have the “other” feature that has, where you generate an “other” radio button or checkbox and it creates a text box beside it automatically:

Survey Bob Test Survey

Sux Pretty bad OK Pretty good Awesome

This is from – 20 question maximum, nice interface, fancy formatting:

Click here to take our Online Survey

This is from – also not embeddable, and you don’t see the results after taking the survey
Click here to take survey

This is from not free, but embeddable: – really nice and you can see survey results, BUT … yes-no questions only:

create a free poll on

Didn't work at all - wonder if it's just because my computer and i are tired

This is 10 Q max with the free package and only 100 responses. also just a text link and no results viewable after you take the survey

Here is a survey from - embeds but you don't see the results after taking the survey:

OK - is Google Docs the Answer?

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