How To Find Your WordPress Page ID When You Have Custom Permalinks

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I use the plugin called Featured Content Gallery, and if you want to control which slides display on the homepage (as opposed to having ALL posts from a certain category), then you need to MANUALLY insert the numeric Page IDs into the gallery settings.
No problem… I can explain that to my clients too – it’s not that complicated… UNLESS you are using custom (search engine friendly) permalinks – like the ones on this website.

I always give my sites this kind of custom permalink:

I was trying to figure out how to add posts to the slideshow without having to return to default permalinks, grab the page ID, then reconfigure the permalinks, and was losing my mind.

Then I noticed that in the Admin Panel, go to your list of pages or posts, and HOVER OVER the title.

Look wayyyyy down at the status bar of your browser which displays the hyperlink you are hovering over.

VOILA! The Page ID!!

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