Web Safe Fonts – How Kooky Should I Get, And Do I care About Linux?

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Web clients often ask me if they can use fonts like Impact or Century Gothic or some sort of script font throughout their site, body text and all … and I say no. ;-)

But maybe I’m a bit of a fuddy duddy, but I insist on using a plain-jane web safe font like arial or verdana, or even MS Trebuchet for a sans serif font, and Times New Roman or Georgia for serif.

I have broken down a few times and made the first font something fancier (with a websafe second choice in the CSS obviously). This way, if you have the fancy font installed on your browser, you get the “full effect” and otherwise there is a respectable-looking plan B.

Today I went and did a little research, and I found a nice link about ‘web safe fonts’ which made me soften a tiny bit:


That said, what about choosing fonts that are most likely to display on both Mac & Windows? For that matter, what about the growing number of Linux users?!

Here is a GREAT resource – a list of most commonly installed fonts on various operating systems.

See, my instincts were right: Arial, Verdana, Georgia… Times is kind of yuk, but you know the Mac & the PC probably have it, anyway….


Now I’ve opened a whole new can of worms… what about those pesky Linux users?! OK – time for some field testing!

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